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Replace Your Whole Marketing Team: The Ultimate Digital Marketing Powerhouse for YOUR Brand! 馃殌

馃敟 Skyrocket your brand's visibility with crafting 50 compelling 馃帴 videos every month to pushing them 1,000 times across ALL major social platforms (Tiktok, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, X (Twitter), Pinterest, VK, Discord, Telegram, Line, Momenters, Keckr), we've got you covered. Discover how we're revolutionizing digital marketing, ensuring your brand's voice resonates like never before. PLUS, exclusive press releases, SEO boosts, and more! Transform your brand's digital story NOW! 馃敟 



馃殌 How Your Brand Gets Massive Content Boost Every Month:
● We will create 50 Videos each month and post them on created for your brand
Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube channels.
● Then we will use the videos and repost them 1000 times per month on Facebook,
LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Telegram, Discord and vKontakte..
● We will also write and distribute to our network 10 Exclusive Press Releases monthly
to share your brand's story and major updates!

馃搶 Complete Social Media Establishment:
We'll set up your digital empire, creating custom branded channels across all social media platforms. Then, it's all yours. Thats like having a full-fledged marketing team at your beck and call, but without the hefty monthly retainer!

馃攼 We craft, you control.
Grab your spot now and give your brand the visibility it deserves!

✍️ Pre-Approval of Posts:
You always have the final say. Get content drafts and approve them before they go live!

馃摙 Madgicx Ads Management:
Let our experts handle your ad campaigns ensuring maximum ROI accordingly to your budget you add additionally for Google and Facebook.

馃敆 SEO Optimization:
● 3000 Backlinks: Elevate your site's authority and search engine rank!
● 25,000 Visitors: Drive traffic to your platform with genuine, interested parties!

馃挕 $100 QUBIC Credit:
Amp up your video views with additional video promotion features and benefits of Qbit! Unveil your brand's story like never before. Capture, engage, and convert — we've got you
covered from every angle. And once we've built it? The keys are yours.

馃 Total: $2499/year or $249/month! 馃専
Yearly 15% discount and just better marketing campaigns

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