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Can Cow Have a Rights?

As an average Cow I was born here on this planet Earth. It might sound silly to you, but I really desired to be born as a cow I am today and I was happy at first. Until my moms milk was taken away with my mom. She was slayed as millions of other cows. My mom loved humans deeply and milk she gave was most tastiest in the world but someone betrayed my mom in the farm and slayed her in front of my eyes but to her milk was added poison and distributed to humanity.

I come from the planet where creatures are conscious enough to respect each other's existence and claims for experiences unregardless of a life form taken. So on my Planet also all creatures understand their purpose of existence and use of gained body.

I can only MOO  - but that doesn't mean I'm not smart. I'm conscious. Besides, on average, any of my sister cows, like me as all cows in general -  have on average 100 times less ego than average human on Earth. Maybe a few saints only have reached the consciousness of even Me - a small Calf!  Every cow even being on this doomed Earth understands it's necessity for providing milk. But do you know your duties as a man or a woman?

I am a cow - a Heavenly being. I live with Angels and Garudas, with Apsaras and Fairies and I'm like them please understand it! I'm here on Earth just by Gods will who placed me here to do my duty to give you a product which is a gift to perceive from a so how humans call it - "Paradise". 

We are what we eat - and Creators of us has laid down in their instructions also for Humanity - Vedas - benefits of each and every creation describing cow's milk as consciousness purifying, ego reducing product recommended for everyone saying that cow's milk is a blessing from above.

Search for Truth behind real benefits of a cow and please make our sufferings on Earth less so we can give you more and better milk! Other ways soon you will have only goats left and no heavenly taste of our cows milk will be available!